Tag-Team 8: I Became Filthy Rich

TLN: It’s the translator melting away from the latest heatwave expnull here! Is this what hell is like. 40 degrees and no ac. I’m slowly becoming a puddle. Also I know I said last time update soon but, meh, stuff happened. Don’t expect me to keep my weekly promise anymore haha.




Fox Cub Pavilion.

A slightly high-end izakaya in the royal capital Ode.

Located in the aristocratic district known for traveling incognito and its gourmet food, the popular store was bustling tonight as well.


Tanya while looking at the menu, with a *gulp* swallowed her saliva.

Under normal circumstances she would hesitate to order, as a page lined with slightly expensive cooking was revealed.





The grand witch of old called out Tanya’s name.


“Laplace. Um, I really……”

“Listen here, Tanya. We’re female adventurers, right? If that’s the case, there’s something we were never able to do. Isn’t that right?”


Reassuringly, Laplace stared into Tanya’s eyes.

Looking at her—— with a new napkin around her neck, a knife in her right hand, and in her left a fork.


“L, Laplace! I, I’ll do it!”



Excuse me!

Thus, Tanya called over the shopkeeper.

And inhaled a deep breath.


“Starting from the top of the menu! Bring everything please. A, and a bottle of your most expensive wine!!”

“Ha!? Is that really ok girls!?”

“Ah, leave it to this hungry Laplace. In addition, we have more money than we can spend—”

“Eee. If it’s money, we have it! More than we can use!”


That’s right.

The reason behind their generosity.

Tanya and Laplace obtained vast amounts of money.


The story begins several hours ago.




Purveyor of Adventurer’s Guild

The counter of the armor shop that handled the equipment was tense.


“You remodeled the equipment in someone’s shop to that extent, so yer going to properly pay for it right?”


The muscular baldie said while a vein pulsed on his forehead with a *biku biku*.

That’s right.


It was completely Tanya and Laplace’s blunder.

All the female adventurer equipment, with all complaints falling onto deaf ears, all the goods for sale were arbitrarily remodeled.

In the end with no money to pay for it, this was the current situation.


“Th, that’s why I’m paying with this gold coin……”

“Such a gold coin, never seen it before. Stop saying such rubbish!”


Laplace put her hand back in her purse that was crammed full of the 300-year-old gold coins, bit her lips in frustration.


“It can’t be helped. Laplace, I’ll pay for it……”

“Uuu. I’m sorry, Tanya”


And thus.

Tanya, with basically everything she owned, paid off the cost for the equipment and repairs for the hole in the wall.


“…………This grand witch is, dejected”

“Umm. Don’t be so depressed, Laplace”

“It can’t be helped that I’m depressed. I acted so stylishly after all—”

“Well, but the equipment looks so cool!”



While strolling around the district, Tanya’s gaze swam.

Because she was so depressed, Tanya tried saying things to cheer Laplace up.

Currently, the money she had…… was zero.

This way, securing a place to stay tonight was dubious.


“However, Tanya?”

“What is it”

“Being such a skilled sorcerer, I thought you would have more savings but, surprisingly you don’t have much on hand do you”

“Fua!? After letting someone pay for you, and to say such rude things. Is this witch really sane!?”

“No no, sorry. My words were lacking!  By any chance, are you the type to spend money wildly?”

“No way!”


She planned on saving money.

Truthfully, the adventurer Tanya couldn’t say her income was particularly good.

Both the base pay and completion reward paid by the adventurers guild, the party leader Lion only gave a high split to the boys at the top of his list.


For the party’s completion fee, 20% went to the party leader.

Another 75% was split according to their classes. (TLN: wtf this is 95% author. Where does the 5% go?)

The lowest split belonged to the class the majority of female adventurers held; healer. Usually about 7 percent.

Above that the other lowest split went towards archers or thieves at 10 percent.

And then, the advanced classes saber and scorcerer had high splits at 15 to 20 percent.


“My split was around 12%. Generally”

“He? Why?”


Laplace tilted her head.


“…………because I’m a girl.”

“Haa? It’s pretty shitty”

“Yes. I think it’s shitty. But, no matter how shitty it was, for me to be fired for being like this I never seriously thought it would happen…… Desperately trying to not be looked down upon for being a woman, it’s just not possible.”


Tanya let out a sigh.

If I were a guy, even being the same magician I may have earned more she thought as her mood became the worst.


Feeling how she could never forgive Ryan, her anger boiled up once more.

And, at the same time.





The mischievous trumpeting of her hungry stomach resounded.

Physical phenomenons can’t be helped.

No matter the situation, her stomach was hungry.


“You’re hungry aren’t you”

“…..Un. I’m hungry”

“Sorry, Tanya. If I could use my money, we’d be happily fooling around”

“I—told—you! Please don’t apologize. It’s not Laplace’s fault!”

“If it was then, it would be worth 5 million though. This orichalcum coin.”

“Orichalcum coin?”


N? Tanya stopped on those words.


“……Laplace, did you just say orichalcum coin?”

“N? Un, I said it”


300 years ago.

Orichalcum coin.

Grand witch Laplace.


In her head, everything clicked.

She saw hope!


“Heei!!! We can do it like this!!!!!!!!!!?”

“Ooh? Eh, eh, what’s up Tanya”

“Lend me that coin from earlier! Well then, Laplace hurry up hurry up”

“U, uwa—. Too fast, too fast—”


Leading Laplace by the hand, she ran at full speed.

The long priest robe hid it but, as usual the Laplace that was slightly floating was as light as if she grew wings.



“Heei, welcome”


The place Tanya rushed into was, an antique sorcery tool shop.

It was a store that dealt in equipment and magical tools for sorcerers and shamans.


“Oya. Customer, you look like a saber, right?”


Seeing the greatsword on Tanya’s back, the elder who sat behind the counter of the shop was suspicious.


“Ah, umm. I use sorcery……”

“Tanya is a magical swordsman. Because it’s a combination of sorcerer and saber, it’s fine to shop here right?”

“Magical swordsman? Don’t say such jokes”


With a *fuun* the elder let out a scornful laugh.

Before Laplace could say anything more, Tanya stopped her and from her leather bag took out a handful of gold coins.


“Today, I came to sell this item”

“Hoo. What a strange thing……nnn?”

“This. It’s Laplace’s orichalcum gold coins”



The elder leaned over the counter to peer at the gold coins


“L, Laplace’s orchalcum gold coins…… are you saying it’s the currency that was barely circulated around the time of the “disaster” 300 years ago?”

“That’s right”

“Currency made from that grand witch, the wicked dragon’s whore, Laplace’s precious metal orichalcum!?”


“No no!? That’s wrong that’s wrong. I never did such things though!”





“You must have misheard, dear shopkeeper”

“……Uuu. Violence is bad”

“Are you alright, customer”


The shopkeeper quizzically compared Tanya and Laplace.

And rested his gaze on the several orichalcum coins on top of Tanya’s hands.


“In that condition. If it’s real, the buying price could match an entire adventurer party’s yearly income you know?”

“I wouldn’t mind if you appraised it carefully”

“Che, well I’m also a major store around here. If it’s the real thing I’ll buy it. How’s 5 million”

“20 million”

“Na! That’s unreasonable”

“If you don’t like it I’ll sell it somewhere else”



Orichalcum coins.

More than just the rarity of the metal orichalcum, the flawlessness in the magical component of designing the coins, and then their popularity to collectors due to the rarity.

Possessing all of it, it truly was a rare item.


To the speechless old man, Tanya pressed on with a *nyo nyo* smiling face.


“Please look at this, 6 of them. Six. Six for 20 million. I wonder if it’s expensive—. I wonder if I’ve seen one sold at other places for 5 million—?”

“…..How’s 8 million”

“19 million”

“85 hundred thousand!”

“18 million”

“Guu…… 12 million!”

“16 million. I won’t go any lower”



Then, the person who folded was the old man.


“Can’t be helped. I’ll take it!”

“Ou, come again—!”


Tanya did it.

With this, she could devote herself to getting revenge without worrying about money.


“Come again, that’s my line. Well, first off is appraisal. If I find out it’s a fake I won’t pay”

“Yes yes. Take your time appraising~. Well, it’s probably real though”


Even if she said anything, it was something from Laplace herself.


“Yes yes. However, dear guest, yer pretty good at negotiations huh”

“Heheheh, to that extent?”


And thus.

The appraisal finished in two hours.

The result was as expected, everything was real.

Infront of her, one after another a pile of gold and silver coins piled up.


“Ooooh, this is the current currency. There’s really allot. That’s amazing Tanya!”

“All thanks to you—! Kya—!”


She embraced the clinging Laplace back.

And thus.


Obtaining 16 million from the ghastly pale shopkeeper, the triumphant two left for the tavern.




Thus brings us to the Fox Cub Pavilion from the beginning.

That’s right.

Tanya is right now, a very rich person.


“Ue heheheheh~! Money money—!”

“Tanya, I’m starting to get an evil feeling from your face—”*

“I’m a woman out for revenge after all! I’m evil, evil! Ga hahaha!!”

“Your voice is loud—. You’re drunk aren’t you”


Eat well, drink well.

Laplace’s appetite was bottomless; she made short work of every dish on the menu that came.

Tanya while opening the good wine, ate the dishes she fancied.


While Laplace poked at her sherbet dessert, asked Tanya with a “that reminds me.”


“But, why didn’t you sell all of the orichalcum coins?”

“Eh? Ah. Supply and demand. If it was known we had that leather bag full of it, the price would go down. Something rare, it’s because it’s something rare that we could have made such a big profit”

“He~, how shrewd. Tanya”

“When I was small, my family was poor so I struggled with it”

“Is that so—. My family was pretty rich”

“I already know. And to say at this timing!?”


While the usual unrestrained quip from Laplace came, she drank the wine with a *gukuri*.

Aa, when she was in a party, the ever so considerate Lion would take away the wine with a “Women shouldn’t drink so much!”


Drinking as much as she wanted with her own money, soo good.


So Tanya fully indulged in her happiness.

It was at that time.




That voice was familiar.




Tanya looked in the direction of the voice.

At the entrance of the Little Fox Pavilion.

Was a guy and girl.

She recognized the guy.




With a suu.

Her drunkenness instantly vanished.





A sour expression.

……The man who kicked Tanya out of the party, was standing there.


“Wait a second Ryan”


Tanya clenched her fist.

Before her gaze was, the person besides Ryan.


“……who’s that girl!!?”

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  1. Thanks for the Chapter!~
    To fully make Ryan regret, do adorable cute things with Little Witch!~
    And fully flaunt your money!!!~~~


  2. Ugh, hope it doesn’t end with her and Ryan together, or with some bullshit lingering latent attraction or some shit. This guy, may or may not have his reasons, and stuff, maybe. But, he treated you like trash. In this chapter you even went over a new, extra way he treated you like trash, repeatedly, over a long period of time. No amount of weird personal arbitrary selfish justifications may or may not be brought up in the future, change that. Especially since the thing being justified, (or not, whatever), is him deciding your life for you, imposing his will and his own set of values upon you, him bullying you, and him making you feel less. You can’t actually justify that. There are no reasons, that can.

    But, yeah, those last lines there, which seem to imply some fucked up bullshit jealousy, is what prompted this. Hopefully it turns out that is not what’s going on here, we’ll see.


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