Tag-Team 7: Obtained the Strongest Equipment

TLN: It’s the translator who hit another depressive bump expnull here! Do you ever just think about going to sleep and never waking up. I do. I want this suffering to end. Also abit late on this one so another chapter soon or something.


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“Purveyor of the Adventurer Guild”

Was written in large letters on a signboard.


“……There’s only these many products!?”

“Shhh! Laplace, your voice is loud!”


At Laplace’s sulky voice, the shopkeeper glanced over.


“I mean ‘Purveyor of the Adventurer Guild’ is written, but the clothes for adventurers being only this much is weird right?”

“There’s few female adventurers so there’s only this small corner. Dosen’t matter the store.”


There were a few stores that sold adventurer related equipment.

Akayama, Akaki, Cost……, also specialized shops for large bodied races like Sakaaku and Puma Co. spread through the country.



No matter which store you went to, they mostly only sold equipment for males; equipment for females were laid out in places like some inconspicuous nook on the upper-floor corner.


Of course, the variation was small, and the price compared to ones for men was slightly higher.

The heck is this, or so Tanya was also bewildered in the beginning.


“It was like that from the beginning, so I thought that was just the way things are……”

“No no, it’s weird don’t cha think. Tanya is an adventurer so. If you look at it, compared to the men’s it’s some second-rate half-priced knock off. It’s — not — fair!”

“Hey, customers!”


While they were arguing back and forth, the middle-aged shopkeeper tired of waiting forced his way in.

A brawny man with a smooth head from balding, truly the appearance of an adventurer.


“Are you buying or not? Just looking is not accepted.”

“Ah, I’m sorry. Umm, a full set of equipment for a female swordsman, and I’m also looking for a long robe for magicians.”

“Hmm. What, miss, are you a swordsman?”

“Oh…… yes, more or less”


I only just changed jobs earlier though. (TLN: should I keep using job or switch to class?)


“Fufufu, listen and be surprised. Moreover, Tanya is a magical swordsman”


Said Laplace while making a shit-eating grin self-satisfied face.


“A…… magical swordsman!?”


The shopkeeper opened his eyes wide with astonishment and said,


“Pft hahaha!!!! Oi oi, miss. Don’t get too carried away with your jokes, for this young girl to be the highest-level class of magical swordsman is a little impossible. Even for a guy it would take another decade.”


And exploded with laughter.

I guess that’s right, for a girl like me to be the highest-level class is a funny story.

Tanya also laughed with an insincere smile.


At that moment, Laplace muttered a few words.


“Huummm. I see. What a run-of-the-mill man would take ten years; Tanya could do in 3 minutes.”

“Ah? Did you say something?”

“Nothing!! She didn’t say anything!!”


With a *bang* Laplace sunk into the store’s wall.


Tanya struck a critical hit.


No thank you to unnecessary arguments.

Smoldering…… with turbulent fumes rising from her, Laplace said,


“Yes, yes……I, nothing, was said…… It’s true, except, that……”


And collapsed with a thumbs up.


“Hey! You didn’t say anything, right, Laplace!? That’s right, shopkeeper. Try out the clothes, let’s try out the clothes!!”


Congratulations, a fight was avoided!

Tanya let out a sigh of relief.



In this method of avoiding disputes resulted in, “you’re discharged.”


With a prick, Tanya’s chest ached and she clutched it.


“G, g…… girlie, you’re really strong. Remember to pay for the wall later”



It wasn’t the place to get sensitive.

Her wallet took quite some damage.




“Ouch……. Tanya. The way your physical strength is being enhanced by your magical powers, I want you to understand it a bit better.”


Laplace while sitting on a stool in the corner of the shop, let out a sigh.


The world 300 years later.

The state of affairs in the royal capital Ode considerably changed, and the state of the people changed with it.


Watching the store’s situation. Here and there came customers, among them several female adventurers also entered and left the shop.

Laplace who was looking on from the side said,




She noticed something.


“Somehow, aren’t they quite lightly dressed?”


The female adventurers that came and went.



And about two thieves.


Each and every female adventurer were lightly dressed.

The only things hidden were their breasts and butt; what a strange place.


“Is this the current fashion? It’s weird—”


Let’s see let’s see.

What kind of equipment would Tanya use? Surely the exposure would be held back right?

Now that she was a magical swordsman, it would be things like armor, shoulder pads, and gauntlets… right?


“Laplace, I kept you waiting!”

“Ah, you decided already Tanyaaaaa what!?”



Laplace was surprised.


“Wha, what is that shameless fashion!!!!!????”

“Eh, what…… it’s female armor”

“As if something so weak is armor! You, somehow or other swordsmen are in the frontline right!? In such a situation, how can you show your stomach!?”


That’s right.

What appeared from the dressing room was that.

A pink bikini armor wearing Tanya.


“I mean, I though that you were lightly dressed under that worn-out robe earlier but! Tanya, are you, possibly, m, m m m a molester!?”

“Wha, so rude! I, I, I’m also embarrassed about this you know!? But this, is the recommended model by the adventurer’s association”


“Here, the official symbol. If your equipment doesn’t have this symbol, you can’t accept any work!”


Laplace was once again stunned.

Official symbol, the heck is that.

However, the shopkeeper sitting next to the red as a boiled octopus Tanya, with a self-satisfied look nodded.



Adventurer association recommended?

This risky armor?


“Women, to boost the sensitivity towards magical power, to have as much skin showing is desirable; it’s been this design since way back”


I see.

Laplace slapped her knee.

For every female adventurer she saw, that unnaturally exposing fashion was for that reason.

Laplace grandly let out a sign.


How miserable.

These 300 years the correct magic theory hasn’t spread at all.



“What is it, miss. You complaining about my goods?”

“No no. More than your goods, the problem is with the world”


“Ridiculous common sense, ridiculous customs. No one noticed anything”

“What are you saying, little miss”

“Very well. Tanya, and while we’re at it, shopkeeper. Besides this shameless armor the stupid and meaningless things…… I shall personally lecture you about it”


As Laplace snapped her fingers with a *pachi*, multiple letters appeared in midair.


“Wha, what’s that. This little girl, without any chanting!?”




“……that’s why, the basics of sorcery is “circulation”. More than just magical powers alone, circulating it, amplifying it, and to understanding your desired result is most importantly the process. In other words, the exposure on the skin with magical powers is truly, nothing, and not even the tiniest bit relevant. Not related at all! Okay?”


The introductory magic lecture flowed like a stream.

Tanya, who was at the top of the class for both mage and adventurer school and possessing superior logic, didn’t lave the leisure to relax during the splendid lecture.

The grand witch’s fame was not just for show.


“In, in other words……”


Tanya swallowed.


“This highly exposing armor and sheer tights are, um……”

“Yup. Are just lewd”



Tanya was at her wit’s end.

Until now simply tolerating it, thinking about the scarcely functional sheer equipment, rage welled up.


It was super cold, got weird tan lines; it was dreadful.

Was that all meaningless?

Without understating it, it was beyond shitty right!?


“H, however. I get what miss is saying but, this store is just how it is! If yah don’t like it go shop somewhere else!”

“Okay okay, what an easily angered guy”


Laplace laughed with a *hinyo*.


“Very well. Tanya will have this shameless armor. And for me…… I’ll have this white one-piece. The hem is long, and the embroidery on the sleeve is sort of cute”

“Oi, that’s the highest-grade priestess gear”

“It’s fine it’s fine. Hey hey, Tanya. What’s your favorite color?”

“Eh? Ah, umm……, it’s not very lady-like but, I like grey”

“Hou! Grey huh, it’s nice. It matches Tanya’s ashen pink hair wouldn’t you agree!”


Laplace, in a loud, sing-song voice, said.


“The ashen sakura magical swordsman. Yup, it’s not bad. Okay okay! Leave it to me! Swearing on my name as a grand witch, I shall remake that undersized armor into the best of the best in both stats and design. Yup, I’m ready to go!”



Laplace’s snapped her fingers.


The pink bikini armor, leaving behind only the “adventurer association recommended mark”, transformed into a gallant looking knight’s equipment. In a twinkle the cloth increased in length.

It spread out into a dress like overcoat imposing with both a luxurious and elegant design inside, Tanya’s heart fluttered.


Laplace’s chosen priest robe, with that characteristic embroidery she liked, had the slit running up to the thigh sewn together. The previously white priest robe was also dyed in the same black as Laplace’s hair.


“Uwa! Amazing. Amazinnngg, cool!!”

Tanya’s eyes sparkled.


“Fufu, if I try doing such things is simple. Not only the appearance, but the durability and magical resistance are of the highest quality. How is it Tanya? Do you like it?”

“Amazing! Uwaa, I’ve always been yearning for such adventurer-like clothes!!”

“It goes rather well with the greatsword doesn’t it. How about mine?”

“Laplace also looks really good in it! The dress was nice, but this priest robe is also good. Your feet are also perfectly hidden with a nice style…… um, I’m sorry. Laplace? Your chest area, it’s rather exposed.”


“That exposure, it’s pointless”

“Aah. This is, my personal taste”

“Personal taste”

“In other words”

“In other words?”

“There’s a purpose to it!”

“Of course—!!”


Alongside the two female adventurers frolicking with a *kya kya*, witnessing Laplace’s miracles deployed before his eyes and being so close to the various sorceries casted with excellent technique, the shopkeeper could only give up.




“Ehh, the “fucking” cloth that isn’t even useful, are you going to pay for it, Laplace”

“You have a rather nasty tongue. Of course I’ll pay for it. It’s not like I’m a robber, right? This Laplace whose wallet is quite fat shall pay.”


Laplace reached into her leather bag.

And fished out some money.

……Money from 300 years ago.


“What is that. My dear customer, you can’t use that”




Tanya’s screams echoed after Laplace’s.

—The bill, what will they do about it?

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