Tag-Team 6: Became a Rumor in the Royal Capital

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Tanya, just about to return to the capital, noticed something.

“We’re so suspicious!”

“Eh-, why?”

“It’s mostly Laplace’s fault though! In what world would you find a person who’s constantly floating about!?”

“Eh-, there’s one here though.”

Laplace tilted her head doubtfully.

Wondering if this grand witch was troubled or just a natural airhead, Tanya sighed.

“……In addition, this greatsword also slightly stands out.”


“For a woman to be a swordsman, there are practically none. Moreover, this greatsword…… it’s probably going to be in the center of attention. In a bad sense.” (TLN: Idk to call it a longsword or great sword.)

“Why can’t a woman be a swordsman? 300 years ago, it wasn’t a particularly rare thing.”


At Laplace’s words, Tanya was at a loss. Come to think of it, why is it that only the swordsman role had nearly no women at all.

Even for the sorcerer class that Tanya chose had a female ratio of 30 percent.

There were few female adventurers in itself, and most of them were healers.

“Uuu, now that you said it. Being a swordsman had quite good wages at that……”

“Well, something like is irrelevant to me nor is it something I care about. Putting that aside, it’s an okay for the issue of me floating right?”

“What do you mean? Here’s my spare shoes so wear them please. It’s city wear so the heels are high but that much is fine right?”

Tanya dragged Laplace down and arranged the shoes.

“Eh-, do I really have to wear this? Seriously? Did you trick me Tanya? This, is it really not like a torture device or something?”

“It’s different. Here, it suits that black dress of yours.”

It’s embarrassing so don’t watch when I’m wearing the shoes.

Obeying Laplace’s request, Tanya turned around and waited.

“Now, is it safe now Laplace- Pff, fuoo!!!!!!?”

Looking over shoulder, Tanya burst out in laughter at the sudden scene.

“Hya hya hya! Wai, ma, what is that Laplace!!?”

“It, it, it’s nothing to laugh at! Impossible impossible, my legs hurt. What are these shoes~”

In front of the pointing and roaring with laughter Tanya was; super bowlegged and with legs trembling like a newborn faun, the grand witch of old Laplace.

“Wha~, what a horrible pose! Laplace, try it one more time, one more time!”

“Uuuu, such humiliation after being sealed…… it’s just shoes, it’s just shoes.”

With a *fuyo*…… Laplace floated once again and puffed her cheeks.

“No no. I’m sorry I unintentionally laughed. But, has Laplace never worn shoes before?”

“There was no such thing in my age. I also hate walking. More so, I never really walked much before.”


“My father was a court magician while my mother was a shrine maiden blood related to the high priest. I as well as soon as I was born, my name was known as the genius little girl. Raised like a princess, as a result of being blessed with magic powers, I did so seek the title of grand witch. * After learning levitation magic, I was hooked so it can’t be helped I’m not good at walking right.”

“Also shamelessly boasting about your household’s wealth; I don’t know what kind of face to make at a time like this.”

“It can’t be helped can’t it—. Just like how I’m a beautiful woman, my household’s wealth is just the truth!”

“Eh. Just now, did you say you were a beautiful woman!?”

For now.

Wearing the shoes but floating several centimeters and pretending to walk; with such a desperate plan, we decided to embark towards the royal capital.

The future is extremely concerning, Tanya thought.


The royal capital Ode was noisy.

Newspapers fluttered about.

“It, it’s rather noisy”

As soon as Tanya passed under the royal capital’s gates, she sensed something was wrong.

A crowd of people.

While leading the slightly floating while pretending to walk Laplace by the hand, Tanya reached out for a newspaper.

“What is it. Did some event or accident happen hyaaaa!!!?”

“What what, what’s the matter? Show it to the grand witch as well—”

“………tsk, This”


She peered at the newspaper in her hand.

Being taller than Tanya and floating, they naturally ended up with their cheeks against each other.

Tanya slightly flinched at such a situation.

The grand witch certainly had a nice smell.

“Ah, compared to 300 years ago stuff like the grammar is slightly different huh. Let me see, let me see?”

[Newspaper extra] Strange Occurrences in The Large Wasteland to The East: Conspiracy from Neighboring Military Forces?

In the early morning of today, we discovered that someone had slain the wyvern residing in the large wasteland to the west.
Judging from the wyvern’s length and development, we judge that at the very least one military platoon of sorcerers attacked it.
The Royal Sorcerer Association formed an emergency investigation team set out to clarify the cause and search for the criminal.

“Oh no oh no oh no oh no, if we’re exposed there would be no ranking battle……”


No no no no.

This is seriously dangerous.

“Criminal” is written.

That’s right, I forgot that especially for dragon-related species like wyverns, each party had to apply in order to hunt. Slightly desperate and stressed, I sliced deeply and cleanly though.

“Wyvern’s corpse!? What, it’s not like it’s the work of high-ranking adventurers right?”

“A magic platoon, wouldn’t be able to beat a wyvern right—?”

“No no, you don’t understand. Many S rank adventurers are gathered in the capital for the ranking battle.”

“However, it would be scary if the criminal is a delinquent adventurer who’s not part of a party. I hope they’re caught soon……”

In a row, rumors flying around entered Tanya’s ear.

Crumpling up the newspaper, Tanya wiped her sweat that fell like a waterfall.

Oh no oh no.

I could never let this be known.

The amount of sweat was unusual.

Rather it was already sweating on the level of “I am a waterfall!”.

In contrast.

Laplace was unable to hold in her laughter.

“Ufufu, things will be fine right—. I don’t know who did it though. More importantly, a magic platoon! Ahahaha, if they knew that Tanya alone could beat it, they’d fall over from shock!”

“Shh! Your voice is loud, are you stupid!?”


Tanya covered the confused and laid-back grand witch’s mouth looked around.

Fortunately, everyone was immersed in the newspaper and no one paid any attention to them.

“Fo, for now let’s arrange our equipment!”

That’s right.

If they were to loiter around like this, Laplace’s “only slightly floating” would be found out in the matter of time.

For now, she just wanted to avoid standing out.

“If there was a dress with a longer at the bottom or a robe, it would better hide your feet. Un that’s good!”

“Okay— okay—. It’s in the condition of being 300 years old, these clothes. As expected, it feels a bit overdue.”

“Shopping shopping~.”

To the Laplace who cheerfully raised her voice and tried to make a loop while floating,


was tackled by Tanya with all her might.


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5 thoughts on “Tag-Team 6: Became a Rumor in the Royal Capital

  1. Longsword or great sword are probably both appropriate. The naming conventions for swords changed a lot over time and place. If it’s a 2 handed sword, then longsword would be appropriate in the 15th to 16th century. If you follow Oakeshott’s typology, some great swords like type XIIa, XIIIa, XVIa, and XX would be considered both great swords and long swords at the same time. Between 1100AD to about 1350AD, a great sword would have been smaller than a 2-handed sword, but heavier and not as sharp as an arming sword.


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